It can be sad, marketing and paying so much on adverts and you are not making the much needed sales expected. At this point business assessment and feedback from customers are expected. Business assessment helps businesses evaluate why they are not doing well in sales.

Some of the common reasons people don’t buy are as follows;

Bad Customer Service: No matter how good your product is, if you have a terrible customer service prospects will run away from your business and will not come back. They will tell others about your bad customer service. This will affect sales negatively and the overall bottom line of your business.

Bad Product: The quality of product is important in sales. Not every prospect want anything, they want quality. For most prospective customers to be able to convert them into active buying customers, your product have to be good. Having bad product will hinder your sales growth

No Need: Some prospects feels there is no need converting them into buying customers as they do not need the product. Having such people seeing your business adverts and publicity will not result to sales. This is a big business threat as it affects negatively to the business when there is no sales.

Not Urgent: Some people will not buy because it is not urgent for them as that particular time. For them urgency is key in determining if they will buy or not, no matter how amazing the product is . This kind of people will not buy from you .Hence, hindering your sales performance.

No Desire: These categories of prospects are not willing to buy form you because they do not desire to. For them desire plays a pivotal role in determining if they should buy or not.

No Money: These set of prospects desire and need the product but they do not have the money to purchase. Hence, they will not patronize you .

No Trust: When a prospect does not trust you brand/product then selling becomes difficult. Turning prospect into active customer in this case becomes very difficult

To increase sales in business it is advisable to turn the table around by letting prospects know why they need the product, how urgent it will add value to them, create strategies to make them desire the product, build their trust, offer quality product, provide a good paying structure for those who cannot afford instant payment and above all deliver excellent customer service and you are on the path to increase sales in your business.



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