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It’s a new day, which means it’s another chance for you to start eating healthy. The saying ” You’re what you eat” isn’t far-fetched.

A continuous conscious effort on eating healthy would help you maintain a good look, feeling great and energetic all the days of your life.

Here are some great tips you should know:

1. Learn how to easily prepare food.

An healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner doesn’t have to be elaborate. Get fresh products e.g vegetables, fruits and enjoy the feeling of eating right.

2. Do your best not to skip meals.

Your body needs all the nutrients it can get, to function properly. Most especially, don’t skip breakfast.

3. Drink enough water.

Get a water bottle and have it with you always. Water helps with the transportation oxygen in your body. At work, at home, please have a gulp.

4. Eat Vegetables and Fruits always.

It is unhealthy to always eat processed food. These meals have undergone a chemical process and are not totally healthy for you anymore. That Apple, that watermelon is better for you.

5. Don’t continue eating when you are full.

It’s okay to stop when your stomach can’t another spoon. Understand your body and control your portion. When your body retains more calories than it needs, it causes  weight gain.


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