In a recent episode of the Tea with Tay podcast, popular Nigerian singer Simi expressed her perspective on marriage, suggesting that couples should consider living together before tying the knot. Simi emphasized the importance of understanding various aspects of a person’s personality before committing to a lifelong partnership.

“Maybe I shouldn’t share this opinion because I feel like religious people might not agree with me. [But] I personally think that people who want to get married should live together for a little bit before they do that. Because I don’t think you really know someone that you’re going to marry until you cohabit,” Simi stated.

She highlighted the significance of witnessing different facets of a partner’s character that may not be evident in public settings. Simi acknowledged that while some have successfully married without cohabiting, living together provides valuable insights into compatibility, helping individuals make more informed decisions about spending their lives together.

“When you live with someone you know all the sides to them, that is when you really know if you can do forever with them. Millions of people have gotten married without living together. But I personally think it’s a good idea to cohabit before marriage,” she added, noting that cohabitation doesn’t necessarily have to be a lengthy period but can offer valuable insights even in a brief time.

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